Varun dhawan:

Street dancer 3D is the secound film of varun dhawan with Director Remo D’souza. Varun is in lead role of the film .Varun has charged 20 crore for this film . He work really hard for this film as he is playing the main street dancer charactet.varun got his dance training from the director Remo and Prabhu Deva.

Norah fatehi:

Norah fatehi did some fabulous item dances in many films so far. But for street dancer movie Norah worked more than other films. Norah fatehi was trained by none other than prabhu deva. Norah fatehi chaged 1crore for this film.

Shraddha kapoor:

Shraddha was stunning un ABCD2 and we really can’t wait for her fabulous dance performances in this film. Her dance training and choregraphs were done by none other than prabhu deva.The name of sharddha’s character is Aashka or ashu.Sharddha is playing the female lead role in this film. Sharddha charges 4 crore for this film.

Aparshakti khurana:

Aparshakti in this film playing a one ofe the major roe. She charges for this fim 1.5 crore rupees.

Raghav juyal:

Raghav is a famous TV host. He was a part of ABCD2. He charges 1 crore for this film .

Shushant pujari:

Shushant has already proved himself as a trained dancer. He charges almost 60 lacs for this film.

Punit pathak:

he charges 50lacs for this film.

Caroline wilde

Caro is a Londan based model and dancer. She alleared in many films like ghost and loveyatri. Street dancer is her 3rd film in bollywood . She charges 25lacs for this film.

Varun sharm

He is famous for his comic sense in many bollywood films. He charges 60 Lacs For this film.

Shakti mohan :

Shakti charges 80lacs for this film . She is a very good dancer.

Dharmesg Yalande:

Dharmesh is well known fa Ce as dancing star in bollywood. Dharmesh is very famous for his dance talent . Hd chages 1crore for this film.

Samman yusuff khan:

He charges 1 crore for this film.

Varun sharna:

Varun sharma charges 60 lacs for this film.

Nivedita sharma :

Nivedita was chosen by the director. She charges 30 lacs for this film.

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