Top 5 Best Historical Drama Web Series

Top 5 Historical Drama web series

Note: All of the shows are strictly R rated therefore people who are below 18 years old should not watch these shows

1. Vikings – NETFLIX
IMDb – 8.5/10

 Top 5 Historical Drama web series

Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and his crew raid European cities and come into power in his homeland. The  Historical

The brutal action scenes are enough to make your skin crawl with breathtaking cinematography and compelling performances. The characters may be fictional in the show but are inspired by real-life historical events
during the Viking age( 790 – 1066 CE). The lead role is played by Travis Flimwell with supporting actress Kathryn Winnick as Lagertha. The show has a spin-off named Vikings: Valhalla with lead actor Sam Corlett and Frida Gustavsson.

2. Spartacus – Amazon Prime Video
IMDb – 8.5/10

sparatacus poster

The story is about Spartacus, a slave warrior in Rome who rose to fame due to his unbeatable and amazing fighting skills that even the Roman kings were impressed by him. The show’s main character was real during the Roman Empire and started a revolt with his fellow slave warriors. Some of the ┬áHistorical places and people shown in the series were real. Action and fighting sequences are top-notch in the show. The director was the real mastermind behind this epic show.

3. Rome – Jio cinema
IMDb- 8.7/10

rome poster

The show was based on the Roman Empire and the political issues shown by each main character who craves power and position in that period. The main characters in the show were Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, two Roman soldiers, who earned their name in the arena due to feats of bravery and sharp fighting skills. Historical events shown in the drama are based on real places. web series The show’s screenplay is slightly slow but the performance by lead actors Ray Stevenson and Polly Walker are impressive in their roles. Fans who are into old historical dramas will surely appreciate this epic show. The drama successfully captures the essence of Roman conflicts and desires.

4. Barbarians – Netflix
IMDb – 7.2/10

 Top 5 Historical Drama web series

The show portrays how Romans grew their Empire across Europe. The Roman king Aminis wanted to capture the Germanic forest land and made the German people his subject, but few German tribes refused to kneel before the Roman king. The story takes place during 9 AD in Teutoburg Forest. The main lead actors of the series are Laurence Rupp and Jeanne Goursaud. The story and characters are based on real-life events during the Roman Empire. There are many  Historical Drama web series on OTT platforms, but this is one of the shows that is closely related to historical places and tragedies. The second of this series has recently been released and fans are loving it, watch the second season of the show by clicking on this link.

5. The Last Kingdom – Netflix
IMDb – 8.5/10

the last kingdom
The Last Kingdom

Uhtred, a young successor of Saxon Earldom was captured during the invasion of England by Danes. They raise him as their own and make him a skilful warrior. Years later he returns to England and takes back his throne. The characters of the show are fictional and don’t appear in history but the events are somewhat based on real historical places and tragedies. The action sequences, cinematography, and screenplay are up to the mark with intelligent direction and convincing performances by the actors, making you feel like you’re watching real events in front of your eyes. For historical and action drama lovers this show is a must-watch.

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